CS:GO Cyber.Bet Golden League is at its start!

The third CS:GO tournament organized by an online betting platform, Cyber.Bet, started on October 26 and will be bringing us bright and thrilling moments until November 29. The hosts of the event promise that the championship will be much more interesting than the previous ones. The prize fund is larger, the stakes are higher, the participants are more motivated. So, let’s get ready for a striking scene!

Having started in mid-October, quals are going on at full speed. They will determine and bring us the names of two participants to join in with the group of fourteen invited contestants.

The main event will begin with group matches and will end with play-offs. The sixteen teams will compete with each other, passing through four rounds in Swiss System format. The eight best partakers will be moved forward to the final stage; the bottom ones will be eliminated. The group stage winners will encounter four invited teams in the play-offs to contest the champion title. The final stage will feature a Single Elimination tournament with all matches in the bo3 format.

Finally, the prize fund will be allocated as follows:

1st place: $9,000

2nd place: $4,500

3rd-4th places: $1,750

5th-8th places: $750

Various notable esports teams from all over Europe will attend this event. Some of them will participate in Cyber.Bet tournament not for the first time. Say, Spanish Movistar Riders took the second position in Cyber.Bet Cup, and now, they are here again to fight for the first place!

Natus Vincere Junior, the participant of the first Cyber.Bet CS:GO Cup, will come again to prove that they deserve a winning place.

Among others, it is worth mentioning SJ Gaming, AGF, and Endpoint. They are strong competitors, demonstrating good results and manifesting a desire to be at the top of the list.

It is safe to assume that sAw is a heavily favored team, especially taking into account their strong performance in DreamHack Closed Qualifiers.

When it comes to Nexus, Singularity, and Navi Junior, it’s hard to say something for sure. We don’t often see them and don’t have enough stats to draw on.

Cyber Legacy and Hard Legion can be rated as outsiders. Hard Legion has just introduced two new players, and Cyber Legacy has produced poor results in the last month.

Generally speaking, the participants are equally matched; the battle is anticipated to be tough. In such a case, Total Map and Total Round bets will make much sense. Focusing on drafts at the beginning of the game wouldn’t go amiss as well. Also, the team’s win rate is a crucial thing to consider. Bearing this in mind will help you make the right choice!

Cyber.Bet commented: “Betting companies make a great contribution to esports industry development: partner with tournament hosts, sponsor teams, and run their own tournaments.

“Due to the cancellation of most major tournaments, teams are currently in a quite sticky situation and in need of support. That’s why at this particular time, it’s crucial to run tournaments in order to encourage them. Spectators also want to see more worthy competitions in their favourite disciplines, have an opportunity to bet on beloved teams, and enjoy watching matches. We strive to change the perception of betting for the better, as first of all, it’s about emotions, and the best way to give positive ones is to organize a bright event!”

Cyber.Bet has also recently committed to ensuring that integrity is withheld within the industry after the bookmaker joined forces with the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) in June.

As a result of the partnership, Cyber.Bet will share information to ESIC in order to help prevent match-fixing and other forms of corruption in betting.

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