Crypto.Games Daily Quest Thursday, December 17th: Roulette

Community Voted Roulette challenge: Hit number 0 as many times as you possible can and post your BetIDs on this thread.

– Bets don’t have to be placed on single number only, as long as they are winning bets (no breaking even).
– You can post as many BetIDs as you want on a single post as long as there are more than 5 BetIDs.
– Do not edit posts, but make a new one if you have more. Please include your previously posted bets alongside your newly posted bets in unedited posts.
– Only bets placed after 00.00 UTC are valid.
Post your bets before Friday December 18 01:00 UTC (1 hour after challenge is finished).
– All coins except Playmoney are allowed.
– Minimum bet: BTC: 10 credits Dogecoin: 40 credits Monero: 10 credits Ethereum Classic: 200 credits NeoGas: 600 credits Ethereum: 10 credits Bitcoin Cash: 40 credits Dash: 10 credits Litecoin: 20 credits.

This image is not used as example.

1st place: 200,000 Satoshi
2nd place: 150,000 Satoshi
3rd place: 100,000 Satoshi
4th place: 75,000 Satoshi
5th place: 50,000 Satoshi

Crypto.Games Username:
BetID 1: <link to BetID>
BetID 2: <link to BetID>
BetID 3: <link to BetID>

Only bets that are posted as link will be valid

This challenge will run on Thursday, December 17th, from 00.00 UTC until 23.59 UTC.

Please check our main event thread and our promotion page for more information and daily updates.

Catch the winning spirit!

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