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RANK ANSWER CLUE SHOE Box- like device in a casino from which cards are dealt singly, as in baccarat (4) MERV He bought Atlantic City’s Resorts casino from Donald SHUTTLE Bobbin-like device in transport service IN TURN One by one, as part of the act (2,4) DECLARES Goes high, for example, in a high-low split game in which cards do not speak* WHIP Political party discipline o cial; a crop-like device; a mousse-like pudding; or, the backbone of a windmill sail (4) HAND Cards that are dealt to a crew member (4) FARO Gambling game in which players bet against the dealer on what cards are turned up (4) ANTE In poker, what is the stake put into the pool before new cards are drawn? (4) SUIT Complete set of armour; or, any one of the four groups into which packs of playing cards are divided (4) CAGE Box-like enclosure for keeping birds or animals (4) ZERO Value of tens and face cards in baccarat NUTS Crackers – or what are dealt with by such (4) NINE Best hand in baccarat CEES Double in baccarat PEEL Baker’s shovel-like device OUT OF HAND How cards are dealt without reservation (3,2,4) HAPPY FAMILIES In which card game would you encounter Mr Bun the baker? (6,8) IDIOM Game in which fourth and fifth street are dealt without an intervening betting round* CRUCIATE Odd bits to unclip in box, like a cross (8)

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