Cracked Card Game

Have you ever needed to crack a code, say to a new phone you bought second hand? If so (or even if you’ve just seen all that goes into it from movies like Mission Impossible and the Da Vinci Code), then you know how incredibly important and difficult it can be.

Welcome to Cracked, the fast and furious strategic card game for 2-8 players. In Cracked, players race to be the first to end the game by having four cards in their hand that matches their unique code card. Sound simple? It is. Yet…it’s not. In fact, Cracked was designed to be welcoming to beginning gamers, but still competitive and tactical enough for the serious gamer. A fine balance between the two will introduce a new gaming experience that has not been felt in this genre of gaming for a while.

Do you have what it takes to crack the code and emerge as the best code cracker around?


  • 20 Green, 20 Orange, 20 Blue and 20 Pink Cards
  • 10 Code Cards
  • 10 Swap Cards
  • 6 Lock Cards
  • 6 Reverse Cards
  • 4 Pick Up Two Cards
  • 4 Star Cards
  • 1 Reset Card

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