Counting with the Dealer

Title misleading, very simple and short post.

Most dealers know what counting looks like, when I did it, once I got good enough, I kept count *while* I dealt on slow nights.
Take it from me, it doesn’t matter if you are at a $5 table or a $100 table, if you are stiffing your dealer they will 100% snitch on you, but if you are tipping, even a small amount, they will 100% not give a shit and that might net you some more table time before you are potentially backed off.

Caution; this has just been my experience at the houses I’ve worked at, I’ve never worked at Vegas or the like, I’d assume it’s the same though.

TL:DR : Tip your dealer; even if you lose, don’t save your last $10 for the hail mary comeback run. Tip them and move on.

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