Contender CEO announce new combat card game called ‘Jab, Cross, Hook’

Combat sports have become one of the worlds most beloved forms of entertainment, flourishing greatly over the last decade specifically, whilst card games have been at the heart of entertainment for over a century. There is not a single product similar to ‘Jab, Cross, Hook’ on the market, combining combat sports with a simple yet fast-paced card game. The game has been produced by Garry Bell, a stalwart of UK martial arts and owner of Contender Gym and Contender Promotions. Bell created the concept after his own gym was closed, due to the global pandemic, making his prototypes by drawing on pieces of card. He then played the game with friends and family, adding in new and exciting rules every time. He has subsequently turned the fledgling idea into a great card game that we are sure everyone will enjoy.

The adrenaline rush of a Saturday night fight night, is one thing that all fans of the sport love. With ‘Jab, Cross, Hook’, the excitement of fight night is brought to your living room for all family and friends to enjoy. The game is extremely simple to learn, whilst only taking around ten minutes per game. This simplicity is key to the product, enabling that it is accessible to all, not just ‘diehard’ fight fans. There are three types of card in the game – as the title suggests- Jab, Cross and Hook. When playing; Jab beats Cross, Cross beats Hook and Hook beats Jab however, a KO card wins the fight by itself. Once a fighter has won three fights, they are declared the champion, giving them the opportunity to defend their belt! There are six individual characters featured on the game, giving the player the ability to use their favourite card and make them a champion. These include; Chad, Prang, Kai, Daisy, Coco and Rocky, each with their own individual artwork and story. The game brings together an array of different fight styles, from bare-knuckle fighting, Muay Thai Champions and boxers to name a few.

‘Jab, Cross, Hook’ are also delighted to announce that fight legends Ernesto Hoost and Andy Souwer, who will both have personalised playing cards within the game. The game is honoured to have such legends of their sports as ambassadors and playing such a large role in this new venture.

About being a character in the game, Andy Souwer said “The game is awesome, it gave me the feeling of being a hero! I can imagine playing it inside when the cloudy days come or outside when the sun is shining!” Ernesto Hoost stated “I love the excitement and its an honour to be included in the game!”

The game plans to release in October, with pre-orders being taken in preparation for release day. It will retail at £9.99 and will be available on Amazon. Whilst you can also support the game through Kickstarter, where you will be able to gain extra rewards. This is a game you will not want to miss.

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