College football betting results against the spread week 15 2020

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Painted end zone for Clemson with the CFP logo before of the College Football Playoff National Championship game in New Orleans Monday, January 13, 2020.
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College football betting results against the spread week 15 2020

The DVR is cleared and ready for this week. That means I’m ready to view the damage from the college football betting carnage last weekend. I think I had a solid week, but it’s a little more difficult to sort through with all of the canceled games.

2020 has been a weird year to be sure, but college football has been particularly wacky. We lost a staggering 14 games last week, including Michigan-Ohio State and Oklahoma-West Virginia for a second time.

I’ve dug myself a rather large hole at the beginning of this season. I had another week under .500 in a month last week. I need to get back on the right side of things. Time is running out to salvage my numbers on the season.

Here we will recap week 15 of the 2020 college football betting season. The winner against the spread will be in BOLD. My result will follow. The picks themselves will recover. My ego and wallet? That could be a different story. One is more fragile than the other, but both were dealt a rough blow.

In case you want to follow along:
Week 15

Now we get to check out the damage, but first we have to start with the Thursday and Friday games.

Florida Atlantic(-8.5) at Southern Mississippi: HIT! I didn’t expect the Eagles to score 45 on that defense or to win outright, but Frank Gore Jr. had his coming out party. It’s a win for me. I’ll take what I can get.

Pittsburgh(-6.5) at Georgia Tech: HIT! I was wrong about one thing. It wasn’t Kenny Pickett that won this game. It was Vincent Davis and his 247 rushing yards that stomped the Wreck into the turf.

UTEP(-10.5) at North Texas: HIT! Easy money. I should have put five on it. So much for the UTEP defense…..

Arizona State(-13.5) at Arizona: MISS! This should count as two losses. Sparky rolled the Mildcats. 70 points on them in a rivalry game. Wow!

Nevada at San Jose State(-2.5) at Las Vegas: HIT! I should have put more on this. I lost faith in Nick Starkel. I shouldn’t have.


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