Casinos in Nevada to Operate at Limited Capacity for Another Month

By the end of November, the operators of casinos in Nevada started hoping for an improvement when it comes to Covid-related restrictions. However, they were faced with quite the opposite news as all casino properties were instructed to further limit their operations to just 25% of their full capacity.

The gambling sphere in Nevada took a heavy blow, but they thought the new limits would last for a week or two. Once again, the opposite happened, and the smallest glimmer of hope that they will be able to open up for the holidays was destroyed. That happened right after Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, announced that the casinos were to operate at 25% capacity until mid-January.

Sisolak made an announcement on December 13 that the Covid-19 pandemic is still ravaging through the state of Nevada, taking its toll big time. Therefore, all casinos and other public facilities were ordered to remain closed or operate in a limited manner for another month.

Public facilities have to keep the traffic to less than 50 people or 25% of their normal capacity — whichever is lower. Sisolak also stated that he would evaluate the situation on January 15 to determine what to do next in regards to the pandemic.

What’s interesting is that Sisolak sided with casinos — or at least with the ordinary, working people who are part of the industry. Sisolak said that he allowed working at a limited capacity instead of a complete shutdown for casinos in order not to place a huge burden on casino workers. Moreover, he added that he wasn’t too concerned about operators or the company stock prizes at the moment he made the announcement.

Covid-19 in Nevada

Ever since the first case appeared in the Silver State, Covid-19 has been raging on, although there were moments when it seemed like it was about to stop. So far, there were 191,732 confirmed cases. Moreover, the virus has taken 2,596 live so far. These numbers continue to rise by the day, with the state averaging more than 2,000 cases per day for the past month.

The number of active cases has been the highest so far, even though Nevada is in 31st place when it comes to the number of total infected people. Clark County currently reported an average of 2,012 new cases per day for the past 30 days, with 21.2% test positivity.

Even though Nevada is not as bad as some other states, certain precautions had to be taken to minimize the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and save lives.

All operators are now waiting for January 15, hoping that things would start to improve by then since the vaccination process should start very soon. That could have a positive impact on the industry and help the officials of Nevada loosen restrictions imposed on the entire state. Hopefully, they could expect some better news in January.

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