CASEY: Contact tracer compares COVID-19 to ‘Russian roulette’

Sometimes there a bit of levity in the calls he makes.

He recalled one woman, 59, who he spoke to as a contact tracer. Her husband had tested positive.

“I said, ‘So when was the last time you were in close contact with him?’ ” Parker said.

She didn’t miss a beat. She said, “Well, we had sex on Saturday night [which was a day or two before her husband started feeling ill]. Does that count?” Parker chuckled and replied, “Yes, it does.”

And sometimes, there’s abject fear.

Probably the call the sticks out in Parker’s mind the most was the very first one he made as a contact tracer in mid-July. The woman was 52, and had been listed as contact by someone else who had tested positive.

“She had begun having symptoms the night before,” Parker recalled. “She was terrified.”

He said that woman recognized his name as the father of Alison Parker, the Channel 7 TV news anchor gunned down in 2015.

“I told her, ‘Alison’s with you, you’ve got an angel on your shoulder,’ ” Parker said.

That woman got sicker than most, and ended up in the hospital for four days, but she recovered. “She wasn’t on a ventilator,” Parker said.

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