Card with two values in blackjack Crossword Clue, Crossword Solver

RANK ANSWER CLUE ACE Card with two values in blackjack ETHICS Moral values in middle of fifteenth century recorded in this (6) BOUNDS The upper and lower values in a range of mathematical possibilities RATIO Quotient of two values SECRETARIAT Upwardly mobile valuer in City of London having posed outside an office (11) DEUCE Playing card with two spots / sometimes associated with bad luck TEN Face card’s value in blackjack PORT ELIZABETH Left on board with two girls that could be the same person in South Africa? (4,9) DEUCES Cards with two pips SEESAW Board with two seats ELEVEN Ace’s highest value in blackjack ADVENT CALENDAR Card with doors to open in December (6,8) DEED Monopoly card with mortgage values ALICE Left one in a card with her name LASCAR Jack in India uncovered flash card with detailing (6) NOTELET Often sold as a set in a box, a folded sheet of paper or card with a decorative design sent as an informal letter or message of thanks (7) BLUE American Express card with a smart chip TAROT Card with a message MAXED Overused the credit card, with “out” TRUMP THE JACK Take a face card with a stronger suit?

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