Can’t Access Action 24/7 From Outside Tennessee to Bet Sports

Action 24/7 is the new and exciting first of its kind in the world of US-based legalized sports betting as a local company with little gambling experience enters the Tennessee marketplace and was set to launch November 1 (2020).

While residents and visitors alike will be able to join Action 24/7 and bet for real money while in Tennessee, access will be denied when outside the state’s borders. This is where the offshore books will enjoy a competitive advantage being that they can still take bets outside Tennessee.

When neighboring Mississippi became one of the first US states outside of Nevada to legalize sports betting back in 2018, Memphis found itself the top readership city for That’s because Tunica is a mere 45 minutes outside the home of Elvis Presley and folks will continue to travel there.

Tennessee law enforces geo-targeting for its in-state licensed sportsbooks like Action 24/7, FanDuel and Draftkings. This means that, as soon as someone crosses the border, they can no longer access that particular site. Some will certainly try and ultimately risk being blocked from using these sites even while in Tennessee. The operators are obligated to take such actions as they could face stiff fines.

Make no mistake about it, Action 24/7 is one of the most exciting storylines in the world of US legalized sports betting.

The Nashville-based company is led by Tina Hodges, who also owns Advance Financial, an online lending company that operates in 15 states. Action 24/7 is backed by more than 50 investors from throughout the state. They plan to offer some Tennessee-specific parlays. Action 24/7 expects to attend tailgate parties once the Covid-19 pandemic has come to an end.

Unlike its larger national competitors, Hodges said Action 24/7 plans to focus only on operating in Tennessee for the time being.

Due to a controversial 10% hold requirement the state is enforcing, players will be subject to a maximum 90% payout.

Anyone looking to play at Action 24/7 must be 21 and up.

– Aaron Goldstein,

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