California: Why this radio station is betting on sports gambling – CDC Gaming Reports

Entercom is trying something new on its secondary HD digital stream for KCBS-FM, which can be heard if you have an HD radio at 93.1 HD3 as well as on the app available for smartphones.

Called “The Bet,” it’s a bit of a gamble and replaces most, but not all, of the programming formerly heard on the station when it was running the CBS SportsRadio format.

The format is designed to tap into a growing interest in sports gambling, which may indeed become legal in California sometime in the future. For now, you have to use out-of-state services such as those in Nevada to place bets on events.

Right now, the programming is a bit of a hybrid, utilizing new programs as well as some that were previously heard on SportsRadio. According to company regional President Jeff Federman, “the move gives us an opportunity to dip our toes into the format in Los Angeles and Denver;” the plan is for The Bet to eventually be on its own.



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