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And last spin. Alright, no bonus there. I’ll get in the hood. We’ve got we’ve had a bonus on for a certain game and I forgot what it was all these are all the ones that are coming soon That looks exciting. Alright. Let me go back to the beginning. so I think there’s one back there that someone wanted me to play. start your engines. That was it look at that memory. I usually do not remember things like that. It’s very good. Bryan Max Bet $5 a spin. That’s what we need. three of those bonus symbols. Let’s do it. Come on baby. Race car is wild one more casinos allowed recordings. No they do not at all. If you wanna do that, you gotta ask permission, usually. Come on girl I love that they have a female character here that’s hot got. These positions in life. It is for tapping music. Anna, How did you know my phone was happening? But Wasted whiles come on start your engines made the best you to win. let’s go. Oh, I love it. Stephanie Thank you sister for me, please her sister told her to watch me And now she’s sucked beautiful. Brent hello, from Canada, Of course, Happy International Women’s Day as well, I forgot uh we’re playing this amazing game with the winner. Eric Yeah, buddy This is uh we are playing for real cash dollars here Five times there we go so that is $20 and our bank accounts. So if you click this button right here, it’ll show you what it’s worth. It’s $1111. We got right now. Bam not quite. Oh my pleasure. Peggy Thank you for being a Facebook supporter as well. Thanks Dennis. My phone. Alright, What else? What are the games you guys want me to play right now? There was a space one someone that asked for as well. Oh nice Tara’s watching on her on her uh TV I just missed that one uh thank you. Mary glad you enjoyed our post. For all the powerful women out there, I salute you guys sing something from Pirates of penance, says Vicky. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve never seen that. Thank goodness. Oh, I’ve cashed out numerous scientists Derek numerous times. That’s a lot of wins. Whoo. Twenty-two Bucks. Thank you tammy’s watching me on a sixty-five-inch. Wow, I might even be real size that point you probably see all my wrinkles. Yeah, the space on the Marco likes of course the Viking game the Doctor Game criminal cash. Six bucks. What’s up Scott, We are fully live my friends so if you guys wanna play along, do so go to play funds. It’s right below me right here. Check it out. Let me know how you’re doing what games you’re having a success on and maybe to Champagne. I have a lot of that this weekend. Oh my goodness. Alright, let’s give it three more spins and we’ll change it up again. And one more. Alright, let’s go back home. Oh criminal cash. I’m gonna ask for that one. Oh yes. this is a different style game, a very different style, so you’ll you’ll figure that out very quickly we gotta hit five or more bonus symbols anywhere. I always have to dance to the song now. The barnyard frenzy also good Sandy likes the tattoo game. I love it. One two. This one time we got so many bonus symbols. It was ridiculous. I think you won four 500 bucks on it was so hot. Come on Rudy someone’s being sent over to our shop, so thank you for asking about our items on our store. We got mass and t shirts We now have bungee cords for your players cards the casinos and a heck of a lot more. If you guys wanna check it out, go to BC and again to find out all the different games that we uh are sponsored by go on over to play to check em all out I would only promote a game if it was legit and I believed in and. Down two more whoa, we got it. We got it. Oh baby. We got it. Alright. Cheers to that alright, we have to keep collecting these bonus symbols now. Tip Toeing is even better. I like it. Alright, so we’ve already won $24 because we have five okay if we get one more doubles to $48 another one on top of that. Where are we it goes over here to seventy-two all the way up to $384. If you fill up the board, you get a mystery win that is exciting here we go. Gotta get one gotta get one. Oh good gosh if you don’t get one bonus is over. That was close alright, go again. Thank you. We’re up to seventy-two Bucks If you are in Canada, Amanda you can go to play play We’ll get you on here as well to play more fun games. Yes more more more. We’re up to 120 Bucks baby, alright, one more. I’m up to 144. Okay, 144 another one we’re going to 192, Let’s get it back on top and go. Holy shit. We’re up to 240 bucks. What are you talking about? Happy? Rudy here. Hello. Austin Thank you for being a proud member of the Rudy’s. Alright guys. This is sick. We’re at 240 go. Oh, we got it 280. $288. Oh my gosh. we are three away from a mystery win. I don’t know how much how much a mystery win is. I really have no idea probably because it’s a mystery you guys ready. you know, I think if we get a blank spot, we make it to get an extra spin. Let’s find out let’s not find out let’s get another bonus go. What do we have 336? $336? Okay? One more is 384 if you fill them both and we get a mystery win looks like a benzo in the me, says Steven. Oh, my gosh. You know it. okay ready. 384 oh my gosh, we have to get the one more alright everybody guess right now. How much is the mystery win? I’m gonna say it’s 480. I’m gonna guess 480. I can’t see it being much more. It’s been going up by like $40 or something like that each one so it could be like as little as like 400 like twenty I don’t know let’s see thinks 650 Elementals is a thousand team shady 3200. My goodness bunch of 500. A lot of 505 20s, alright, Y’all ready one more. Did you see it there? It was there? It was there and we’ll never know it doesn’t even tell you we want so much money that was criminal. That was hot that was hot. Oh my god so hot. I’m glad you guys suggested me to play that game. make sure you guys. check this game out you have to go to play funds The link is right here again. uh sign up fill in the sign up stuff and then they give you 250 to play with for for free the premium funds points guys play with those to win real cash dollars. Alright uh I’ll get a few backup spins. Oh my goodness that was hot. We only started with five two, which is the minimum you need but we’re knocking it all back. Uh I. Remembered as well, that one time I did hit like four or $500, It was the money bags. I hit not ham that was probably the best bonus I’ve ever had on that one. Yeah, we hit like I don’t even know it doesn’t money back or something that was hot. It was there Peggy it was so right there. Congratulations. Alicia Nice win. Come on dollar dollar bills Alright, let’s give this game three more spins. I’ll change it up. Let’s not give up get back to ding ding. 720. Come on do it to it? Alright, one more. Hey guys. We’re just tuning in make sure if you’re watching on Facebook you like and follow our page and over on uh YouTube make sure you subscribe to our channel. We just passed 350000 subscribers on our main YouTube channel and on this uh on our our YouTube online uh channel Brian Christopher Online. We’re at We’re very very close to 45000. So if you guys can hit that subscribe button, I would really appreciate it. We’re so so close. Let me see what else you got. Ask for Where are those games you guys ask for no. No. No no no Bon Bon gotta play the Bon Bon Bon. This is where I’ve I’ve won the most money is on this game. So let’s see what happens these guys right here they will go in the direction they’re pointing and and make everything in his path wild, excluding the first real, of course, gotta have something to line up with. Thank you. Sandy. Thank you Adam for the good luck from Mississippi. Those bonus symbols are only on reels, one three and five. So let’s do it to it. Here we go couple wilds ding ding Scooby Boo. I’m great Jackie. Thank you for asking hope you’re doing wonderful on this beautiful Monday who doesn’t love a Monday. Thank you. The boot Come on it’s finals symbols You can stop the reels if you want to. Curtis try different uh uh what do you call them web browser? Maybe that will help you ding ding ding. Two Just Sean wants to know if I uh what the difference is between groups that I found between winning online slots and winning in the casino um I’ve definitely had higher payout percentages online doesn’t mean that I win more online and at the casino, they’re probably about the same but III found that like some hits I get for a $5 bet on here like you don’t always see those in the casino you know. As always like, I’ll say on both platforms, it’s all about timing. I think all about timing. Tas We’re out to the fun zone here we go, let’s shoot some bottles of beers. Alright, What do we got out there? There’s a total of 3738 bucks out there thirty-seven. Alright, let’s try and get all $37 do not find the collects button please. I’m going to the top ones there’s still twenty out there. Whoo. That was a good one. Alright, hey, 220 3376 365 behind That’s not bad. That is the fun zone guys. you get that every so many spins so right now. I’m up to sixty-seven so my sixty-seven spin that I win on. I get to go to the fun zone. Greg just sent me some stars. Thank you. Greg for sending stars over on Facebook. Well, the doctor game Yes. Doctor game is hot. Alright. now that’s all about to jump on that one next if I remember. Do it that line up? I don’t think it does. Doesn’t quite make that for real. Ding ding two dings, Let me try a few rapid fires see if we can get that bonus to lands. otherwise, we will change it up. Thank you Jack for the stars double. we got a double ding. Oh, I love it. Julie tell your husband Bryan is killing it as always. Ding ding ding Thank you Diane. Alright, one more spin. Oh ding ding ding ding ding. And I already forgot what game I thought I was gonna play next. So now I gotta go find it Hopefully my memory comes back when I see it. Was it Warriors? Oh, no. no, I wasn’t it. What uh doctor you can’t remember now it was a doctor to doctor Can I get $5 so I can buy something to eat. The next bit sorry, I just like mixed up doctor to doctor with some g’s music. I was listening to the Fuji on the weekend. I’m an 80s baby. What do you want? Alright? Sandy. Thank you for the stars here we go This is max Bet $5 a spin. I don’t recall if I’ve got this bonus before let’s find out symbols are everywhere looks like so that’s good. Barnyard frenzy fan over there. Austin Alright, one more. I’d say we’re doing for a bonus that be nice. Oh, we got some doctors. The doctor pays thirty bucks Nice hit. Give me a five a kind of the doctors now please. Josh I still need to sixty-seven winning line hits. I think it goes up by one every time am. I not right on that you think it’s no matter what level you’re at. I thought it always went up by one. Oh, that’s right and right to left. I did not catch that before did you guys know that? of course you did you’re so smart. Play of funds That’s we’re playing on link down below me That was not a line there. Oh, it’s only a ten line game that would explain it. What was that? Oh, I love it it dubbed $40 for those doubles. That’s hot that is hot. Can we do that more often? that’s random right? I’m pretty sure it’s random cuz I think it’s only happened once before and and even back, then I had over a month ago so make sense and I also have no memories so that also make sense make sense. I’m still at Sixty-seven, says Steven Yeah. but it’ll be 68 at the end of the next one. Do it? Come on girl Wow and we went up No. Hit that jackpot says Joseph Thank you, Joseph and d. Also yes, let’s do it. Please let’s try a few rapid fires. You can even double your bonus symbols. Oh my gosh David. I never thought about that. Oh my gosh double those bonus balls. It happens at the end of their spin right. I think it does threw me off. Karen I will see you at our group in a week is that in a week already, oh my goodness Good times. Come on bonus bonus bonus. Ding ding ding ding You guys, we have not shut down the website yet what’s going on make sure you guys check it out Play funds There are sponsored casinos today. Oh gosh and we’re gonna see this bonus. Bonus bonus bonus All it takes one spin to win. 500 points, one per ticket and 55 wins for each fun zone. Alright. So, what is the 67 mean everything else and just my level? I always thought I wanna buy one. There you have it. This is my like to gamble no not really. Oh, no, we gotta do it. We got it more more more more. Baby we doubled it. That was freaking hot. Oh my gosh holy shit. Wow. alright, here we go Uh I don’t think I’ve ever had the bonus so I don’t know how good it’s gonna be, but I’m I’m getting excited and I feel like it’s gonna be like humongous can be like zap on every spin. I hope so let’s find out. What is this lab? Does that land all the time cuz that would be extra hot? We get another eleven spins. go got it how many how many one more? We got a five a con in there No point show come on. We need to zip it out. That’s what we need to get that zap going in the middle. Uh we didn’t get the wow that time that’s some line heads so after a three spins are up fifty Bucks, we have another nine spins to go. It was definitely worth it to stay on this game. Go go go girl. She went. She went all over the rats Holy crap That was a runner Bucks Lucky man Lucky me. Thank you so much lucky man for the fist bump Do it? Oh man. We got a lot of him give him give him to him. uh. We gotta learn on the doctor cuz that’s gonna be huge. We’re at 170. $173. We still have a seven spans. Do it multiples? yes? Did you guys know that? Two more. Super hot It’s pretty comfortable Gary I got like the next to me and I could fall asleep, so I don’t sit back that much but anyways. Oh, do it. Alright, we need to line up the and the doctor go. Line up the doctor line to the doctor Get the doctor doctor. We got a doctor Doctor Doctor 269. We have three more spans line it up. There’s a bunch of wild. It’s more light it up. That’s gonna be something two. 290. $290 bonus two more spins. Oh no extra wild there. Alright one more good day. Mike. How are you doing going? well? Shannon Thank you for asking last bid. Wow three. Ding ding you guys 310. $310 bonus. Five $5 Bet Max Bet Five bucks. We’re back at $1400. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding that was epic for lamb right? Over a thousand, you’re the one who got over a thousand my gosh. that’s crazy, Holy shit. Alright. Well, we’ll try a few more spins cuz why not how many okay wait so like we got twelve games. How many do you normally get cuz we had a total of four five. We have a total of five bonus symbols right three regulars ones and then a double one. Do you guys know how many you normally get then cuz that was freaking hot. Hey cats. Oh my goodness. Shannon Thank you for the Stars One bonus oh my goodness. What website is this uh as Ross we are on play funds. spell it right here and type it in right now. I’ll wait go ahead type it in play funds you can play all over the US of a um and to win real cash dollars and over there, we tell you all about the perk you get as well. Good luck. Brian. We love funds points. Thank you. Phil do it to it. Alright, let’s give it three more spins. Here’s one I would die for another bonus man. that was so good. If I wasn’t live with you guys, they probably play it more but I wanna give you guys some more excitement. No, I thought that was a line here with a rats, but it’s only a ten line game. Goodbye rats toddy. Alright Rudy to the rowdy Uh we had a request for the space. one let’s go find space scatters and space we’ve had some pretty darn good bonuses on this one for let’s see how we do. Max Bet $5 has been. Oh almost got the bonus glad to hear there. Heidi uh this is the bonus symbol right here we need to get three or more of those for the bonus almost got it whenever it does that wobbly wobbly sound. It means you’re one off. Day Ding ding The credits right here says we have 132000 if you click it, It tells you what the dollar amount is 1327. $1327. What’s up? Bama? Epic music love it so these are the top symbols right here, the alien and the spaceship just for three of them. You get ten bucks, but if you get five that’s 500. I have done it before. Come on line it up Buttercup one more one more one more the wild symbol counts as a bonus symbol or anything else as well. One oh no. This one’s perfect for a low rollers look at this, you can you can go as low as. It’s gonna take me a while hold on. We go, you can do it as low as 20¢ a spin that’s pretty good for low rolling aren’t think. Thank you Isabel for the stars. Oh, we got some spaceships and everything there nice 1875 New Jersey in the house welcome Can you quick spin you sure can. Hello. One more alien, I just miss her. I like that Gary, how does. Oh chrissy we start with 1600, so we’re down 300 We were down six to be honest having a few good comebacks right now. aliens. Well that’s good. Box For that one, we have four telescopes. Alright, we’re 10 eight from the fun zone now. Can we get that bonus ass? Uh thank you uh Kristen Good luck to you. She just signed up on play funds jump on in guys. Let me know how you’re doing. Dang Nice Come on for Marco, let’s get that bonus you guys four spaceships and three aliens. A seventy isn’t it sixty bucks. Nice hit back at $1360. Do it Marcos being good to us? Thank you Patricia. Oh, That wild symbols only on the middle uh spot there too. Oh, we’re in the fun zone. I’m like what’s going on which one are we got here. Oh no11 eighty-six Alright, that’s free money you guys $11.86 worth in our pockets. Thank you for that. You can do better than that. I need to get that bonus one time. Five Bucks come on spaceships Three sons. Do it to it? Come on Alright, we’ll give it three more spins and we’ll change it up again. Come on comments asteroids whatever you are. Last one, what are the tickets for you have 400 7079 actually let me go over here and show you here. It is right here. Right now. The jackpot is up to a $1000 uh and it draws going off in 1 hour and that’s how many tickets I have in that draw tells you how many they’re gonna be drawing right there as well. Alright. let me see what else you guys ask for. You know, let’s go try the the uh game of crowns. This one’s got a really hot hot bonus on it too. Um Max bet yes, please. It’s gotta find a three game of crown symbols. There’s one. Six Bucks Thank you. You thought the orange circles were pizza Rick somebody’s hungry. How’s it going right good to see you man one. I love this bonus. It’s got a big wheel on it. You can get some nice multipliers We got quite quite delicious and if I remember you can get extra spins on it too. Oh four kings. Fifty Bucks that’s hot back up over 1300 again. Yes Shannon. It is I’ve learned this. Come on if you are over in Canada, you can also play on a to find out all the sites that we are reps by go on over to play BC Lot of dings or 421 more. Come on. Yeah girl Oh girl. Oh boy. I don’t know I’ve ever done this before guys have we done this before we got all of them. Are you kidding me? Okay? Oh. yeah. There’s a free spin. Look at that. Alright. here we go. So what do you wanna get you want red crowns? How many do you want three is a $1000? Two X doubles all your win amounts. Please please. Oh my gosh. This is so nerve wracking come on girl red. Oh, it’s not that great is it. Oh, it’s not bad. Okay. We got three zs. That’s forty bucks and then oh we got a purple and what is about Eighty-five Bucks Okay. That’s not bad at all. It’s a lot better than I thought it was gonna be okay. Okay. You got me now. Can we do better? We got four whole spins. We can even get a free spin go. Triple Crown give me another crown another crown. Alright, What do we get there? Thirty-five another seventy-five bucks. This is hot, the lowest you can get on a spin is Fifty-five Bucks, which is pretty good. So yeah, we’re doing very well two more to go. Oh my gosh can we get three red crowns? I mean, hey, two red crowns is already 100 bucks. Oh, so you can’t get you can’t double the three of a kind you can double the two so you can win two red crowns and a two X would be I guess that would be 200. Let’s see what happens come on. Red Crown Free spin give me another regular crown. We got it Fifty Bucks 53. $53 because now we’re gonna spin that was bonus. That was a cherry on top. That’s what you need a lot more of those freaky spins with the same symbol beside them beautiful. Alright. Talk about a combat Oh another one another crown another crown very close. Alright, Thirty-five Bucks and another free span. This is hot. This is hot it Paul’s in the house. Look at it got me guys. I got my own bongos now. Here we go Why did I get bongos because of my last live stream with you guys? I pretended I had bongos. Hello Brian Hubby Meet you first. Thank you. Patricia. I hope to see you as well. What do we got? We still have two more spins at $245 Go. Three red crowns Red Red Red red tell em hey that’s 100 bucks. That’s a freaking $100 shut the front door. We’re back at even we’re on top. Oh my gosh. we’re on top. We’re on top. We have a profit. alright one more spin at least you ready go. Ready One more one more red hey, what is that another and 6400 freaking dollar bonus ass. Look at that we made a profit today guys we started at 1600. We’re up to 1682. I’m giving you a backup spin. Make sure y’all come on and check it out this site guys. go sign up now If you haven’t, it’s been too busy watching well now I can go get busy and play. enjoy your free premium funds points go to funds points Play funds Play funds is right there uh good luck to everybody. Thank you all for tuning in today. I don’t know a fabulous time with Y’all. uh we have another video that was just posted right. So go watch that video and see how you guys like it. Everyone have an amazing rest of your day. Bye.

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