Boy how things have changed

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Depends on the games you are playing really. Fish is still Fish, alltough it’s safe to say that the overall skill has increased. VS regulars you will have a much harder time nowadays. Alltough even they play far from optimal.

I feel like learning ranges is a good starting point. Just to play good (given the situation) preflop, which translates into a stronger postflop game. Now as said, you want to adapt them given how your opponent plays.

You could also buy a starter course from one of the trainigsites and work that trough. The information will be out there for free, but it will give you some structure.

any sites you’d reccommend? I started playing live games again this past weekend and it felt like riding a bike. Just playing a TAG-ish game put me up big pretty fast so I started trying to consume more content, but they started talking about ranges, I started to get overwhelmed.

Essentially, balancing my ranges, and working though my opponents ranges is probably a skill that i’ll just have to practice.

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