BGH endeavours to win over Mathieson, banks for Woolies’ liquor

It is understood dealmakers are dusting off the files and getting ready for another crack. Private equity mobs have flocked to Mathieson, who has retained Ord Minnett alongside JPMorgan for advice, to test his interest in being part of a buyout.

And the keenest suitor – according to lending banks – is BGH Capital.

Lenders reckon BGH is looking to lock in a big bank syndicate to make sure that it is ready to rock and roll when the time comes, and to make it harder for competing bidders to secure funding. It had Goldman Sachs’ bankers in its corner this time last year.

Whether BGH Capital can secure Mathieson’s blessing, though, remains to be seen. It is understood Robin Bishop, Ben Gray and Simon Harle’s mob isn’t the only private equity firm floating around the Gold Coast in recent times. Securing Mathieson’s support is arguably the smartest way to win Woolworths over and make the deal happen.

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