Betsson Joins YG Masters Program in Landmark Deal

Online casino content provider Yggdrasil has welcomed the latest member of its fast-growing YG Masters program in the latest of a slew of deals announced by the company in the past ten days.

Gambling operator Betsson has joined the program and has gained access to Yggdrasil’s GATI solution to access, create, and distribute iGaming content using its partner’s innovative technology and experience in the field.

The agreement between Betsson and Yggdrasil marks a significant milestone for the provider’s YG Masters program. Betsson is the first existing operator partner to have joined the program.

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Based on its experience as a leading online casino and sports betting operator, Betsson will be able to craft content and distribute it via Yggdrasil’s ever-growing network of clients.

GATI, Yggdrasil’s preconfigured, regulation-ready development toolkit, will be the technology facilitator for the enhanced partnership between the provider and Betsson and will accelerate value creation and global distribution for the operator.

GATI was introduced earlier this year as part of Yggdrasil’s new Publishing arm. The solution enables iGaming studios and game makers to deploy standardized technology in the game development process and distribute the games anywhere around the globe.

This enables YG Masters members to source, build, and distribute their content globally and thus maximize revenue.

YG Masters Partners Gain Access to Extensive Network

Aside from the GATI toolkit, YG Masters partners, including Betsson, are also offered access to Yggdrasil’s large and long-established operator network as well as to the rapidly growing YG Franchise network.

Yggdrasil’s YG Masters program combined with its GATI technology offer a new approach to game creation and aggregation, making development and distribution much quicker and hassle-free.

Commenting on welcoming Betsson to the program, Yggdrasil Head of Partner Programs Stuart McCarthy said that they are thrilled to extend their relationship with the operator and add it as their first directly integrated operating partner.

Mr. McCarthy went on that this is a landmark agreement for their YG Masters program and demonstrates “just how much a brand like Betsson believes in our unique model, while also underlining “the impact YG Masters is having on iGaming developers and tier one brands such as Betsson.”

Ciara Nic Liam, Gaming Product Director at Betsson, said that they have enjoyed “an excellent relationship” with Yggdrasil and are pleased to have extended it to now include YG Masters. The Betsson official went on that the program is an industry game-changer and that it makes perfect sense for them to get involved and take advantage of the “huge growth opportunities the program offers”, while also being able to realize “desired business synergy values from expanding the network reach of our innovative and player first-developed in-house built games.”

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