BetMGM And Topgolf’s New Partnership Could Signal A New Strategy

BetMGM announced its partnership with Topgolf on February 19, 2021. It continues a push toward interactive sports betting that BetMGM has been trying to integrate into its app. BetMGM already offers simulations of certain live games. It’s the kind of interactive simulcasting that seems to mesh well with Topgolf. This could be one of several partnerships between sportsbooks and sports with simulcasting.

What The Partnership Means For Customers

The first thing customers will notice are promotions for Topgolf and BetMGM ads in the BetMGM app and at Topgolf. They may include promotions from one business for using the other. So, fans of Topgolf and sports betting will benefit from enjoying both.

But bettors could be seeing the beginning of a new feature that few sportsbooks offer. Every sportsbook offers live sports betting. But only a few create a simulated court to visualize what’s happening during the game. This type of simulcasting is state-of-the-art, and it’s the next feature that sportsbooks can implement to polish their apps.

Topgolf fits in because it offers simulated golf games already. Since simulcasting is what it’s most known for, this could signal a long-term strategy of BetMGM’s. BetMGM may want to out-maneuver other sportsbook brands by making itself the premier simulation sportsbook. Whether that interaction will be a dealbreaker for bettors remains to be seen. But this will be an area of the market to watch over the next few months.

Where Bettors Will See Topgolf And BetMGM Together

Anyone curious about where they’ll find the payoffs of BetMGM’s partnership with Topgolf can look in existing markets. Bettors in BetMGM cities will find Topgolf promotions in their BetMGM apps, including cities like:

Topgolf fans will also find BetMGM promotions at:

  • Topgolf’s marquee Las Vegas location at MGM Grand
  • The WGT by Topgolf

This isn’t just advantageous for sports bettors and golf fans. It’s likely expected to increase revenue and expand both companies’ customer bases. (Why else would they partner together?) Many bettors will get a preview of this partnership in several big cities. But for everyone else waiting for Topgolf promotions, they’ll have to push their pandemic Topgolf dates until after BetMGM and Topgolf come to their cities.

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