Best rules in AC

Very new here on reddit, but as a frequent traveler to AC, ill give you the current situation given this pandemic. Theres 8 decks h17 games going for 10-15 weekdays and 15- 25 for weekends. Most casinos have 6 deck s17 going for 25 with no surrender, pen 1.5 usually but varies. If you have the bankroll to sustain betting 100 min then almost all casinos will have a 6 decks s17s resplit aces and everything else. i would go to ocean as they offer surrender on all blackjack tables and offer 50 min. Dont know much about the high limit rules on ocean as I only play 10-15 there since they don’t offer 25 min 6 deck games. Haven’t checked out borgata or any of the casino in the marina but I’ve read that golden nuggets has the best blackjack rules with a 50 dollar min. Cant say much cuz I never been there but maybe its worth a shot.

A few personal note, resorts AC has some 8 decks game that stand on all 17s, giving u a better advantage than the rest which hits soft 17. Also I would avoid caesars as their blackjack is all 25 min with continuous shuffles, not good for counters. They have 8 decks h17 at wild wild west but its nothing crazy. Tropicana is my personal favorite but they’re all almost the same in any casino. Goodluck in your adventure

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