Bad Bloodstream into the ‘The Crew’ – Dutch Boyd Loses Prop Bet Lawsuit Against Joe Bartholdi

Dutch Boyd vs. Joe Bartholdi

Last week, two poker advantages whom made names on their own through the poker growth as part of “The Crew” had a long-standing prop bet disagreement settled in a court of legislation. In 2006, Dutch Boyd and Joe Bartholdi presumably joined into a $10,000 bet – that would win more World variety of Poker (WSOP) bracelets over a 10-year period.

According to a tiny claims suit, three-time bracelet champion Boyd ended up being trying to gather from Bartholdi, who’s did not win a bracelet.

“Plaintiff now asks the Court to deal with the bet as a valid contract that is legal” stated court documents obtained by PokerNews.

Unfortunately for Boyd, the fact the bet was verbal and not written down came back to bite him.

Get It in Writing

Nevada Revised Statutes require that some agreements be made in writing, and according to a judgment dated Feb. 24 and ordered by Hearing Master Amy L. Ferreira, this was one instance that is such.

That’s because in accordance with statutes, an understanding is void or even written down when that contract isn’t become done within one from the making thereof year. The terms needed to be in writing.

“Here because this particular bet spanned a lengthy 10 years based on the regards to the contract, repayment would take place ten years following the contract ended up being made,” your decision read. “The contract ended up being made verbally with no document that is written created at the time of said agreement. Therefore, according to NRS 111.220, the agreement is void. As a total result, Boyd ended up being granted absolutely nothing contrary to the defendant.”

While the court could maybe not offer relief, an answer may remain within the cards.When reached by PokerNews

Dutch Boyd
, Bartholdi offered the next regarding the lawsuit: I owe to Dutch — but I guess it wasn’t fast enough and he sued me“ I am paying what. I am still paying what I owe.”

Dutch Boyd wins his gold that is third bracelet

Prop wagers with buddiesAt the 2004 WSOP, Boyd and business rose to popularity within the Crew, that was made up of Boyd, their sibling Bobby, Scott Fischman, David Smyth, Tony Lazar, Brett Jungblut

, and Bartholdi. These were the young firearms regarding the game whom shared a bankroll inside their quest that is communal for glory, which was documented in part by ESPN cameras during WSOP coverage.

However, The Crew didn’t last long as they disbanded in subsequent years.According to Boyd, the bet in question was made after Bartholdi, who has more than $4.3 million in lifetime earnings according to The Hendon Mob, had won the 2006 World Poker Tour $25,000 Championship

for a career-high $3,760,165.

Boyd claimed that Bartholdi paid him $1,500 over the last five years, but then rebuffed his attempts to get payments that are further

“once I began working in the Strip, there is a period we saw him within the $25/$50 game that is no-limit what looked like $80K in front of him,” Boyd recalled. “Yet, he claimed he couldn’t pay it off. I also remember once pushing him a pot in the $5/$10 game big enough to pay it off. He didn’t even toke me that hand. That cut. So that’s when I decided to try to push it.”

While The case did not go his way, Boyd said he might explore appealing your decision.

“I think i’ve some arguments that are good unjust enrichment and can maybe find an exception to that bit of contract law nuance. I guess the lesson is to always make sure to have your prop wagers on paper and signed. As Well As, I Suppose, never to make bets that are prop friends for too much.”

He added: “This whole experience has turned me off of ever making a prop bet with a friend again. I wish we never made the bet.”

Joe Bartholdi
Boyd also revealed that he and Bartholdi aren’t really on speaking terms these days.

Joe Bartholdi at the WSOP.

The Next Step in Boyd’s Legal CareerBoyd, a young child prodigy whom circulated an autobiography entitled Poker Tilt

in 2014, really started their legislation activities as he ended up being simply 15 yrs . old. During their year that is third of school, “Rounders” came out and Boyd became infatuated with the game.[My wife]“I finished up law school, but didn’t take the bar until last year,” he said. “

Michele was pregnant and I started thinking about just how poker that is unstable. This Really Is difficult to allow it to be even if you simply need to look after your self.”

For stability’s sake, Boyd took the Nevada Bar exam in 2020.

“I february spent about six weeks straight studying every and walked in feeling completely unprepared,” he said day. “It ended up being a test that is really tough only 53% passing, but I got through it. So now I have a bar number and am a attorney that is licensed. I obtained work doing civil protection work right here in city at a law firm that is big. “I’m still looking forward to playing the tournaments that are occasional money games in the weekends. I do believe We’ll enjoy poker much more, and most likely do better yet, when I do not need to have the desperation of the need to win.”Boyd, whom additionally took and passed the Missouri Bar exam summer that is last won their very first silver bracelet during the 2006 WSOP as he took straight down Event no. 5: $2,500 NLH 6-Handed for $475,712. Four years later on, he grabbed number 2 within the 2010 WSOP Event #23: $2,500 Limit Hold’em 6-Handed for $234,065, after which he got their 3rd during the 2014 WSOP as he won

Event #33: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em

for $288,744.(*)Sharelines(*)

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