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I agree with you. It also applies to Roulette. 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s are the most dominate forms of patterns. They dominate the most possibilities and frequencies of occurrences of just about everything. It’s stands to reason that you would want to know if they have moments that these dominating sequences act like a “Tell” in poker. I pointed out singles on the weak side as just one example. I showed just with that one pattern how you can use the 1’s. The monster sized trend is so rare each session that it is almost a waste of time waiting for it.

The secret to trend play is in the short spans of 1’s, 2’s, or 3’s. They sometimes swarm in patterns. These sequences can be good for one or two wins. The entire battle to win is found in these short bursts of coincidence. That is where I am a master of the subject. I just opened the door to them in Reading Randomness. I never went deep into teaching this. Teach yourselves. It’s the only way to gain experience.

Now for some more music from a real master:

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