Australian Open Survivor Pool

here is an Australian Open Survivor Pool!

Even amidst everything, it appears the tennis major will still go on. Please feel free to invite your friends/family if they are interested as well.

If you are interested in playing the Australian Open Survivor, please Venmo me @PraveenKrishnan by Saturday, 2/6/2021 6:00pm EST and include “Aus Open Survivor” and your first and last name. First round games begin 2/7/2021 around 6:00 PM EST.

Here is how the survivor pool will work:

You can pick multiple entries if you would like to (picking two players each day from the men’s/women’s side = $20; picking one male AND one female = $20; picking just one male OR picking just one female= $10; picking two males AND two females each day = $40)

You can choose your own combination as you wish, but it is $10 per pick per pool (Men’s Singles and/or Women’s Singles only). If you pick just one player and the player loses the game, then you are out of the tournament. But if you pick two players and one of the two players lose, you are still active to pick one player per day (Men’s or Women’s depending on who survives) until they lose or the tournament is over.

You will need to email me your picks by 6:00 PM EST everyday starting Sunday, 2/7/2021 if you are still in. I will send out another email to those interested after the 2/6/2021 deadline. I will also be sending out a daily status update after the end of day’s play.

If a match-up from Day 1 is going into Day 2, you are still obligated to pick Day 2’s pick. If your Day 1 pick loses, Day 2’s pick will not be taken into account. If your Day 1 pick wins, Day 2’s will be taken into account.

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