Arsenii Malinov Wins the GGPoker Super MILLION$ for $661,743

Arsenii Malinov wins Super MILLION$

Arsenii Malinov’s choice to get into a $2,500 satellite for the super-sized $25,500 Super MILLION$ event is among the best he’s produced in their profession since it led to a $661,743 award winging its method to their GGPoker account.

This week’s Super MILLION$, the 38th tournament that is such saw its buy-in increased to $25,500 from its standard $10,300. The chunkier buy-in resulted in a guarantee boost, with that guarantee blown out of the water when the entrants created a $2,850,000 prize pool. More than $2.5 million of that sum was awarded at the table that is final. Here’s how that table that is final down.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Arsenii Malinov Russia $661,743
2 Seth Davies Canada $503,914
3 REPTAR Germany $383,728
4 Aleks Ponakovs Latvia $292,207
5 Joao Vieira Luxembourg $222,514
6 Matthias Eibinger Austria $169,443
7 Jason Koon Canada $129,030
8 David Coleman Canada $98,256
9 Daniel Dvoress Canada $74,821

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It was no surprise when Daniel Dvoress busted in ninth-place. Dvoress entered the table that is final a seven big blind stack and had been eager for a double-up. Dvoress pinned his hopes, and their final 4.5 blinds that are big on pocket fives from under the gun. Arsenii Malinov called and won the pot courtesy of running spades for a that is flushDavid Coleman became the eighth-place finisher through the level that is 25,000/50,000/6,000a. Coleman open-shoved for 368,716 chips from the cutoff with ace-four and ran into the ace-ten that is dominating of*)Joao Vieira on the key.

Seventh destination plus the six-figure that is first went to Jason Koon. Koon was left with only 8.5 big blinds when his ace-queen lost to the pocket nines in the hand of Germany’s “REPTAR”. The rest of Koon’s stack went into the middle soon after. Matthias Eibinger made it 144,000 to go from the cutoff with ace-six of hearts, Malinov three-bet to 504,000 from the blind that is small jack-five of hearts, and Koon ripped it set for 483,896 as a whole. Eibinger folded. A five in the flop gifted Malinov the hand that is best and Koon headed for the showers.

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Eibinger’s Timing Is Off

Eibinger was the player that is next associated with home, busting throughout the 35,000/70,000/8,500a degree. REPTAR started the preflop round that is betting a raise to 154,000 before calling when Eibinger pushed all-in for 1,732,794 with king-ten of hearts. Eibinger flopped a draw that is flush neither the change or river found their rescue.

That hand place REPTAR together with the chip counts and also the German stretched their lead by assisting on their own to Vieira’s stack. Vieira jammed through the key for 1,521,000 potato chips with ace-six of diamonds, REPTAR called into the Aleks Ponakovsbig blind with ace-queen, which held. REPTAR now held over twice the true number chips of any of his remaining three opponents.

A Bizarre Hand Busts Ponakovs

The final four became three when Aleks Ponakovs headed for the exits. Ponakovs raised to 480,000, leaving himself only 271,746 chips behind. Seth Davies, the start-of-the-day chip leader, called from the small blind, and Malinov tossed in calling chips from the blind that is big. The action examined to Ponkovs and he bet 150,000, Davies called, but Malinov wasn’t messing around and he jammed all-in. Just Ponakovs called. It ended up being ace-three for Ponakovs, which offered him a gutshot directly draw, and eight-six for Malinov, which had flopped pair that is top. Ponakovs improved to a straight on the river but lost to Malinov’s higher straight.

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Heads-up had been set whenever REPTAR crashed down in third-place in a cooler of a hand. REPTAR open-shoved for 11 big blinds through the blind that is small ace-queen. Unfortunately for him, Davies woke up in the blind that is big the powerhouse hand that is pocket kings making one of many simplest telephone calls of their profession. REPTAR flopped a queen but could find any more n’t outs.

Malinov went into the battle that is heads-up Davies with a chip lead of around one million potato chips, or seven big blinds. The set fought for about 20 moments ahead of the hand that is final destination. Blinds were 70,000/140,000/17,500a and Davies limped in with ace-nine. Malinov raised to 560,000 with ace-king and Davies stuck it in his opponent’s eye with a 4,050,530 all-in four-bet, which Malinov called. Davies flopped a nine but Malinov paired their master. There is no drama in the change or the river, busting Davies in second-place, and making Malinov become crowned the 38th Super MILLION$ champion.


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