Anyone from Mexico gotten verified on ignition/bovada??

So this is prob 1 in a million chance to find someone able to answer this specific of a question. Basically I’m trying to figure out what type of documents you sent that they accepted /verified your account for deposits/withdrawals? A close friend who gambles with me super often made an account on 1 of those sites and won a bunch of money. Problem is (and I didn’t realize this when I mentioned those sites to him) is that he is technically here illegally, whether on expired work visa or just snuck in I’m not real sure. But I guess he had just put down the address he lives at here in the states and is not able to provide a US gov photo ID of any kind, or selfie with the ID obviously. I tried asking him what type of documents if any would be typical for someone in Mexico to have and if Either Of the sites verified you with them.

If anyone can share their experience/knowledge or point me in a direction I might be able to fig this out, well I’ll love you forever.

TL:DR any players in Mexico signed up and verified an account on bovada/ignition? What documents did you submit for the KYC verification to show your identity (he said there’s not really such a thing or maybe just not common for people to have drivers license/photo ID only maybe like a school id. But I feel like that wouldn’t be accepted)

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