All you need to know about No Deposit Casino Bonuses

No deposit casino bonuses aren’t nearly as prevalent as they once were. Here’s how they work: once you open an account, the casino places money into it without your having to make a deposit. You can then use their money to place wagers, keeping any winnings that result.

At first, it sounds as if the casino is giving you free money. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The casinos that still offer this type of bonus have dramatically tightened their restrictions.

Below, we’ll explain what those restrictions are, why casinos use them, and an alternative bonus structure that you’ll find to be more attractive.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses from the Casino Perspective

Years ago, online casinos had to alleviate the fears of new customers who were hesitant to risk their money. So, they offered to put free chips into players’ accounts without requiring them to make a deposit.

Predictably, people opened new accounts (sometimes, several of them), claimed their free chips, and then quickly redeemed them.

As a result, gaming sites began to haemorrhage cash. Many of them went out of business. That’s why online casinos have applied tight restrictions to their no deposit bonuses.

What Are No Deposit Casino Bonus Restrictions?

Today, if you want to take advantage of no deposit casino bonus, you’ll have to agree to a number of controls.

First, a lot of casinos won’t allow you to withdraw the bonuses. You can use the free money to place wagers, but you’ll have to forfeit it when cashing out.

Second, there’s often a playthrough requirement that is slightly above the bonus value. That’s a crafty strategy because it requires players to deposit money in order to use a “no deposit bonus.”

Third, there’s often a strict time limit. We’ve noticed a few casinos requiring players to meet a playthrough requirement within 1 session or before a given time period elapses. Fourth, they’re usually under $50 (and often as little as $5). It’s hard to get excited about that amount of money.

A Better Casino Bonus Structure

Now, we understand that we’ve painted a mildly bleak picture of no deposit casino bonuses. To be fair, some people enjoy them. However, there’s a much better alternative.

A few of our favourite casinos offer bonuses that are much larger and don’t have such strict time limits. For example, with our exclusive Lucky Raja bonus code new members get a 100% matching bonus up to a value of $500.

We recommend that you take a few moments to visit Lucky Raja and review their bonus structure. We’re confident you’ll find it far more attractive than no deposit casino bonuses.

Casino Bonuses:

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New players are always offered a huge amount of cash when they sign up so make sure you take advantage of that too! You should also take a look at the list of casinos where you can get a bonus without making a deposit.

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