All The information necessary for Betting Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl Props

  • Patrick Mahomes moving garden total is defined at 326.5 yards.
  • Patrick Mahomes total for touchdowns into the game is defined at 2.5.
  • Mahomes Passing attempt and completion totals are set at 28/40.5.
  • Patrick Mahomes total for interceptions is set at 0.5 with the odds shading under.

TAMPA, Fla. – With Super Bowl 55 just about to get underway, those that are planning on betting on it could begin looking at the player that is different that can be obtained for the overall game.

One regarding the popular players which has player props on appropriate recreations wagering websites is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes’ Super Bowl prop wagers cover their yards, touchdowns, moving completions and moving efforts.

Total Moving Yards – Patrick Mahomes

  • Over 326.5*) that is-130 326.5 Even

Going into the Super Bowl, some might think that because this is the Super Bowl, that taking the Over for Mahomes passing yard is a given, however, that is not the case.

In the seven playoff games Mahomes has played, he has only thrown for over 300 yards twice. This over could be rather hard to hit for Mahomes, though he did throw for 325 yards in his last game, the AFC Championship.

There are some cases though that do back up Mahomes hitting the Over like how he has gone over seven times this season which does include a game that is 462-yard the Buccaneers.

Total Touchdown Passes – Patrick Mahomes

  • Over 2.5*) that is-150 2.5 +115

The over is favored when it comes to Mahomes Super Bowl prop bet for passing touchdowns.

He has passed for over 2.5 touchdowns in seven games this year including one playoff game.

Speaking of Mahomes playoff games, he has hit the Over in four of his last six playoff games. Also, in those last six playoff games, he has thrown for 17 touchdowns that are total

Total Passing Completions – Patrick Mahomes

  • Over 28*) that are-120 28 -110

As for the NFL odds for the total completions that Mahomes throws for, although the Over is favored, it is the Under where money can absolutely be found.

Looking back at how Mahomes has done during the season that is regular these playoffs, he’s only reviewed an overall total of six times.

As for exactly how he’s done into the playoffs during their profession, he averages 23.5 completions and has now only hit the Over one time that has been into the AFC Championship where he previously 29.

Total Passing efforts – Patrick Mahomes

  • Over 40.5 -145
  • Under 40.5 +110

Patrick Mahomes moving effort total is defined appropriate where it requires to be as he’s only hit the Over in two of seven games as he has hit the Over mark in seven of his last eight regular-season games.However, in the playoffs has been a different scenario. With Mahomes throwing the ball more often than not to close the season though,

it may be a good idea to just take the Over here.

  • Total Interceptions Thrown – Patrick Mahomes
  • Over 0.5*) that is +125 0.5 -165Patrick Mahomes has been very efficient when it comes to how he has played in the playoffs. In the seven playoff games that he has played, Mahomes has thrown for just two interceptions, however,

    they did both come in the Super Bowl last year.Also backing up the under is that Mahomes has thrown for just six interceptions this season

    which is tied for the fifth-fewest in the league.All in all, based on his recent playoff performance, the stars are not aligning for Mahomes to throw for Over 326.5 yards

    but do look good when it comes to him throwing over 2.5 touchdowns.As for his completions, being that his average in the playoffs is way lower than the total, the Under could be the more bet that is profitable make. With over 40 attempts

    in seven of their final eight games, there might be revenue right here too.


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