Alberta’s Regulatory Body Announces Changes in Law to Permit Single-Event Sports Betting

A province in Western Canada with a population of 4.3 million people, Alberta, is considering certain changes in the law to permit single-event sports betting within its territory.

The Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis regulatory agency and a responsible gambling authority in this Canadian province, has therefore announced support for wagering on single sports matches, which are regarded illegal under the country’s current regulations.

A New Amending Paragraph

According to Canada’s Criminal Code, consumers are only allowed to wager on three games or more in an individual bet. Placing a bet on a single sports match or event is regarded as illegal.

Nonetheless, AGLC is now looking for the expansion of a bill (C-13), introduced in the Canadian House of Commons in November last year. The change proposes certain amendments of paragraph 207(4)(b) of the Criminal Code, which would make it possible to bet on a single sports or athletics event as well.

As reported, the provincial lottery operator known as the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has already expressed support for the legislation update, while the country’s leading media business agencies Score Media and Gaming (better known as theScore) and numerous other sports leagues have also backed single-event betting in Canada.

The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis regulatory body has now officially joined a growing list of supporters to these law changes, while the acting president and chief executive, Kandice Machado, said the bill would help to modernize gambling in the country.

“This would present the ability to give legal age Albertans new and unique options on their favourite sporting events,” commented Machado.

She added that players would also be able to “choose a game or proposition that gives them greater odds of a successful bet.

Meanwhile, the AGLC chief operating officer, Niaz Nejad, also explained why opening up more legal betting options to consumers would reduce the amount of players that are gambling from offshore, unlicensed platforms. For example, the amendment could direct them to, Alberta’s only regulated gambling site.

“The Canadian Gaming Association estimates that CAD$3bn annually is gambled on unregulated offshore sports gambling websites. Those websites provide limited protections or means of responsible play, education or access to responsible gambling tools,” continued Nejad.

He added:

Play Alberta uses AGLC’s best-in-class GameSense responsible gambling program, which promotes healthy gambling behaviours and gives players access to valuable tools and resources.”

Ontario’s Step Forward

Other provinces in Canada are also moving forward in regard to making internet gambling or iGaming a reality throughout the country. The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has backed Ontario’s decision in November 2020 to speed up the legislation and enable the people of Ontario to have access to safe and legal gambling opportunities within the territory.

As a result of rising acceptance of iGaming in Canada, more people are expressing an interest to see it legalized with proper regulatory measures. Ontarians are now able to play online on a daily basis, and other jurisdictions in the country as well as around the world are getting bigger every year.


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