A complete stressbuster

I had been planning on buying a few plants for my terrace garden, as I haven’t had a chance to go out in the past seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, I convinced my husband to go with me and we went to the nearby nursery to get a few plants. I picked five different of flowery plants for cheap prices. I got a discount too.

As soon as the sun went down a bit, I went off with my stuff and got on with it. It was a rather hot day. So, there was no way I could do my gardening during the daytime. I took five pots and filled it with sand, cocopeat, manure. After planting them, I watered the plants and placed in the shade. And that’s when I saw this beauty. My wild orchid had bloomed. Of course, I took a picture. I will share that tomorrow here. It is an absolute beauty.

And the whole process rejuvenated me and it was a complete stressbuster. I know many people have turned to gardening during the pandemic, as we do not have the option of going out so much.

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