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Millions of gamblers play games and take chances at casinos every year. And most of these gamblers lose more money than they win. This is why the casino industry is thriving; they have an edge.

While there aren’t many things you can do to overcome the casino edge, there are many things you can do to reduce your losses and win more often.

Here’s a list of 7 quick strategies you can use for winning casino play. It starts with picking the right games and using the correct strategies. Keep reading to learn more.

1 – Play Blackjack, Video Poker, or Poker

Casinos are filled with gambling options. Most of these gambling options make the casino a great deal of money. And the truth is that every gambling option makes the casino money. It’s just that some of them make the casinos more than others.

If you want to have the best chance of winning when gambling, you have to play the right casino games and you have to play them the right way. This narrows down the list of options to 3. You should play blackjack, poker, or video poker.

These 3 games all offer a low house edge, and if you do everything perfectly even give you the chance to break even or win a little more than you lose.

To be clear, it’s not at all easy to win more than you lose overall, but it can be done. But it’s not quite as hard to break even or come close to it. And if you can come close to breaking even it means that you’re doing better than almost every other gambler in the casino.

2 – Use Strategy or Don’t Play

Each of the 3 games I mentioned in the last section has 1 thing in common. They all are designed so you can use strategy to improve your chances to win.

The strategies that I’m talking about include finding the best situations to play. This means that if you play video poker you have to find the machines that have good pay tables and a low house edge. If you play blackjack, you have to play at tables with a good set of rules.

Winning Gambling Money

Your best plan of attack is to pick 1 of the 3 games and learn everything about the rules and/or pay tables. Once you learn how to find the best games, the next step is to learn how to use the best strategies.

Video poker and blackjack have strategies that fit on a card, so you can pick up a strategy card to use when you play. Poker strategy is much harder to learn, but it’s also the game that offers the best chance to make money if you use the correct strategies.

You can find a few unique opportunities to win playing other gambling games, but these are the 3 that give you the best chance and are the easiest. If you can’t use strategy, the odds are high that you can’t win.

3 – Keep Control at All Times

Control can mean many different things when it comes to gambling. And the more things you can control the better your chance of winning.

You can control what gambling games you play. I covered this in the first section. You can also control how you play each game, which I covered in the second section.

Other things you can control are how much you risk when you gamble and how long you play. I cover these things in other sections.

One of the most important things you need to control is you and your mind. You have to remain calm when you gamble. If you get irritated or mad you start to make decisions based on emption instead of using your mind. This is almost always costly when you’re gambling.

Another thing that interferes with good decision making is consuming alcohol or other mind altering drugs. You have to be able to think clearly and make good decisions when you gamble. Avoid drinking and drugs when you’re gambling.

4 – Always Use Time Limits

When you gamble do you decide when you’re going to quit before you start or just quit when you feel like it? It’s dangerous to gamble without a time limit.

If you don’t have a time limit before you start gambling, or you ignore your time limit when you’re gambling, the odds are high that you’re going to lose more money.

You can set your time limit for any length that you want. If you want to gamble for a long time, set a long time limit. But don’t ever go over your time limit, no matter what’s happening in your game.

The only possible exception to this is if you’re playing in a profitable poker game and you’re still making good decisions. But don’t fool yourself by staying after you start making mistakes.

5 – Take What the Casino Gives You

Casinos use a wide range of tactics to get players in the door and to keep them playing. And some of these tactics can be valuable to you when you gamble.

Most land based casinos use a player’s reward or comp program. You earn things when you play. You should take advantage of these programs when you gamble. Just don’t go over your time limit chasing the next comp level.


You can also find other types of promotions, like free entries into tournaments based on your play, special drawings, and coupons.

Online casinos offer bonus schemes you can use to your advantage. Some online casinos also offer rewards programs.

You need to look for anything the casinos are willing to give you and take advantage of as many of these things as possible. Every dollar you get or save using promotions is 1 less dollar you lose.

6 – Always a Strict Budget

I talked about the importance of using a time limit in an earlier section. You also need to use a strict budget every time you gamble.

Just like your time limit, you can set your budget at any level you want. But you also should make a commitment to never go over your budget.

When you set a strict budget and follow it, you protect yourself when things aren’t going your way. You know before you start the maximum amount that you can lose, and you make sure that you never lose so much that you put yourself in financial danger.

One thing that I do from time to time is break up a gambling trip into several time limits and budgets. For example, if I’m going to gamble for 3 days, I might break it up into 6 different playing sessions, each with a time limit of 4 hours.

And I break my budget up into 6 equal parts as well. If I have $1,800 to gamble with, I make it into 6 mini budgets of $300 each. When I have money left over after a session I usually divide it over the rest of the sessions, but sometimes I just put the money in my pocket.

7 – Smallest Available Wagers

The final thing you can do to improve your long term results gambling is to make small wagers. Any game you play that has an edge for the casino is a game that you should always wager the minimum amount.

The only times you should wager more than the minimum amount is when you have an edge. This can happen when you play poker and when you play blackjack using advantage methods like card counting.

You can find much lower minimum bet amounts if you play online, so it’s a good option for many gamblers. But when you play online you have to be careful that you don’t play too long. You can play far more hands per hour online than you can playing in a live casino.

The other advantage to online play is that you can play for free. This is the cheapest way to enjoy some of the thrill of gambling without risking any real money.


The difference between winning casino gamblers and everyone else isn’t as big as you might think. Winning casino gamblers just do a few important things differently than other gamblers.

The first thing winning gamblers do is play the right games. They know what games give them the best chance to win and which ones drain their bankrolls quickly.

Once they find the right game, they always use the proper strategy. Use these tactics just like winning gamblers and you have the best chance to win. Always use a budget, a time limit, and make small wagers. Finally, take everything that the casino is willing to give you.

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