4ThePlayer CEO Andrew Porter named in Gaming Intelligence Hot 50

Up and coming casino game studio 4ThePlayer who were established in 2018, whose games can currently be found on over a dozen accredited online casinos, have received recognition for the great strides they have made in the 2 years they have been in business. With their Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Porter being named in Gaming Intelligence’s Hot 50 list for 2020.

Achieving recognition in the ‘Product and Tech’ category, Porter and 4ThePlayer were cited as constantly having invented new player experiences. Examples of their inventions can be seen in the latest game releases provided by 4ThePlayer. These include casino games such as 6 Wild Sharks, a game which introduced WILD CHOICE™ a feature that allows players to configure locked wilds, with 14,983 possible configurations in a ways game first.

Then there is 123 BOOM! a game that introduced the industry-first SLOT SLIDER™ where reels slide directly into the pay lines creating chained wins and giving up to a record 107 chained wins from any spin. A thread concerning 123 BOOM! was started by Henry McLean from 4ThePlayer, which you can view here, enabling players to quiz 4ThePlayer on the game and provide feedback.

In fact by conversing with players, this further allows 4ThePlayer to enhance their future offerings, taking into account what players do and don’t like in a slot game.

Also not forgetting the casino game 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor that was released earlier this year, in which 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor introduced the world-first feature DUAL SPIN™, giving the player two spin buttons and the chance to double their win on every spin, if the winning colour matches the spin colour it is doubled!

Andrew has also pioneered game math transparency diagrams and statistics, educating the player, and helping them responsibly choose their games.

Andrew Porter speaking about the recognition bestowed on him by Gaming Intelligence, said: “I am delighted to have been named in the Gaming Intelligence Hot 50. Product innovation and championing the player are areas I strongly believe in and exactly why I founded 4ThePlayer.com.”

“This is a great end to 2020 and I cannot wait to show you the innovations coming in 2021!”

Adding to Porter’s comments, a spokesperson for Gaming Intelligence, stated: “It’s not often that you hear someone described as a product genius, but when it comes to Andrew Porter, there is no better way to describe him.”

Further Information concerning 4ThePlayer.com

4ThePlayer.com is a London based gaming software supplier. Founded in July 2018 by a team of luminaries of the gaming industry: Andrew Porter, Chris Ash, and Henry McLean who have over 50 years of combined gaming industry experience.

The three have a proven track record having already created success in startups and FTSE 250 companies. 4ThePlayer’s mission is to create the most exciting games for players, only using the best math profiles with big win potential and concise, engaging game mechanics. As well as taking a responsible approach to gaming, only using adult designs, themes, and features.

Using innovation to create new gambling focused, entertainment experiences! Their games include: 100 Bit Dice, 1000X BUSTA, 9k Yeti, 6 Wild Sharks, and 123 BOOM! and are available now via Relax Gaming, and Yggdrasil.

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