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May. 20, 2019

Appealing to existing and new gamers alike, the humorous social and digital first campaign features a series of tricky scenarios which are expertly navigated with either a brilliant poker face or the perfect bluff. Hitting the right balance between poker and everyday life was a priority and reinforced the need for the campaign to be social first, demonstrating their poker readiness with humorous, relatable and shareable content.

The campaign reinforces the idea that “You’re poker ready”, through the protagonist’s ability to apply poker skills to awkward real-life moments.

One spot features a family and the daughter’s boyfriend awkwardly watching amorous mating between two great apes on the TV, whilst another shows a bear charging into a packed sports bar in an attempt to get the best seat to watch the game. The digital content includes a choice of reactions for the viewer to select, with the hero’s poker face being the winning choice each time.