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The Baltimore Orioles stink. Baseball fans know this. Even Orioles fans like 1 of my co-workers who shall stay nameless to save him much more embarrassment knows this. And absolutely, Las Vegas knows this, which is why Vegas set their more than/beneath for wins this season at 59.five. That indicates they could drop 100 games and nonetheless hit the more than!

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At least, the Orioles are (slightly) ahead of pace to beat their pathetic total of 47 wins final season. But with a record of 14 and 29 so far this season, you have to be feeling quite confident ideal now if you bet on the under—especially with boneheaded plays like what occurred throughout Thursday’s loss to the Cleveland Indians.

It began with a Jason Kipnis grounder that must have resulted in an inning-ending double play. Rather, Baltimore botched it so badly that no outs have been recorded and a run scored. Seriously, this is Tiny League stuff ideal right here. Verify it out:

Wow. All that is required to full the clip is to dub Yakety Sax more than it.

Anyway, the Indians scored 5 runs in the frame and won 14-7. So give the Orioles fans in your life a hug an added hug now.

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