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I am new to this and attempting to bet sensibly and break even or perhaps even make a tiny profit. I am not delusional although so I began with £5 as my bank roll (like I say this is just for entertaining and I can entirely shed this quantity. Certainly).

My query is do bet365 ban customers who make a extended term profit even though playing fair (not arbing for instance)? If 1 utilizes sensible bankroll management and manages to construct it up by a element of 10 every single time just before withdrawing say, half and then beginning once more with the new quantity, will they ban you? My popular sense is telling me that unless I am producing thousands they are not gonna take notice anyway, and much more than most likely I will shed my tiny bankroll just before I develop it to £50 anyway. But I am curious.

TLDR: Do bet365 ban clever players who (even though playing fair) make extended term profit via excellent bankroll management (such as sticking to a specific percentage of your bankroll with every single bet)?