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Week 43 pools banker room… We appreciate every person who contributed in the final week’s banker donations. All your contributions is hugely valued.

For Effortless Access, right here are hyperlinks to the critical pages you have to have for this week.

To View Coupon Fixtures, Click Right here

To Access the NAP Marketplace For The Week’s Game Delivers, Click Right here

To View RSK Papers For The Week, Click right here

Bet9ja Fans, to view this week’s Bet9ja Pools Codes, Click Right here

To View People’s common discussion for the week, Click right here

To View What People today are posting in this week’s can not draws space, Click Right here

To Study how to calculate your pools winning, click right here

To see the members that performed so properly final week, click right here

To find out how to get three/three from three sets of pair , click right here

Please just before you post in this banker thread, spend focus to this handful of lines of words that narrate our posting norms.

  1. Right here in the banker space, you are needed to post just either your most effective banker or most effective pair or most effective winning nap/line. You do not have to have to post much more.. Just move any other game you have to the discussion space. We have to have to recognize you as a banker or pair or winning line specialist. We appreciate it when you are concise and explicit in your comment. Please do not post much more than as soon as in the banker space.
  2. If you make a decision to post a pair, banker and winning line altogether, each and every of them should provide just before you get enlisted in the weekly champions list. Please post only your most trusted game (a banker if that is what you trust most, this applies to pairs or winning line also) in the banker space. You can post any other observation in the discussion space for additional deliberation.
  3. The aim for generating this forum is to let folks connect and freely share games amongst themselves by way of the comment location. . No kind of advert comment is permitted right here. As soon as you sound “salesy” in your comment, we’ll either delete or truncate your speak to particulars. For instance, comment that says “plus others”or “contact for much more information or inquiries” “list your earlier efficiency, place up one particular unproven game and attach your speak to in a “salesy” manner” e.t.c….. People today will be contacting you at will when you are performing properly in the banker space. It is my want not to tamper with your comment.
  4. But if you are a sell games and want to do company to its brim without the need of alteration, please take a look at the nap industry to sell your games.

Please the above is not a command but a frequent principle that will make sure effectiveness of this forum. Old members.. you must please take heed of these set suggestions simply because new members are searching up to you and taking cue from your actions. As soon as you publish your comment, do not bother re-posting it physical exercise tiny patience just before it gets published by the admin.


To Every person creating use of the posted games….. You can not play all the games posted right here. To expertise much more achievement, make sure you trust the capacity of the particular person you are about to play his game. And most importantly, constantly re-analyze the proofs just before deciding to use any game. Appear just before you reap..


Our Token Reward….

  1. Any individual who delivers 3 consecutive weeks of winning banker gets a 2000 naira reward.
  2. Any individual who delivers 4 weeks reside pairs winning streak, earns 2000 naira.
  3. Any individual who delivers two weeks winning lines (five games) streak, earns 2000 naira.
  4. Any individual who delivers three/three nap with proof on any week earns 2000 naira.

Please the reward is not for you if you do not conform with our above principles when creating your post. Get in touch with Admin as soon as you attain to be paid.

WEEK 43 Information:

LKO= 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, & 34.
SUNDAY MATCHES= 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22.


For Crucial Challenges Only — 08174943732 – Only Text or Whatsapp Messages… i’ll reply. No Calls Please, Please text only. Do not contact unless i request please… What ever I have and want to give fans I post it right here no cost.

You are in the week 43 pools banker space




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