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Immediately after simple blackjack method has been discussed the book moves on the much more sophisticated subjects. Mastering how to study a dealer is examined as properly as how to speak to a pit boss and how to make a swift exit. All of which are extremely crucial to a player who is counting cards.

The very best strategy that the book says to use is the Hi-Opt 1 counting technique. It is a level a single counting technique exactly where Aces are neutral. This strategy reduces a player’s usage of a betting method and increases playing method. It is very best utilized in the course of single deck games exactly where betting method is crucial.

Immediately after the sophisticated section, the book continues on to talk about private games. A private game would consist of any blackjack game would consist of any blackjack game played outdoors of a casino. The book goes on to 5 additional guidelines on blackjack, how to opt for games, playing several hands and how to create an act to conceal your card counting.

Some men and women in the gambling neighborhood have claimed that the book has a handful of flaws. It has been discussed that the book describes powerful dealer cheating when some in the gambling neighborhood do not think dealer cheating is prevalent. Some also think that the Hi-Opt 1 counting method discussed in the book can only be utilized for single deck games and absolutely nothing else such as in the game of footwear exactly where the book discusses it is the very best all round strategy. 1 factor is particular about blackjack guidelines: Blackjack players will have to study the book for themselves and determine if they feel the strategy would function very best for them.