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A game of ‘hide and seek’ with Felix Schulze winning the Globe Poker Tour DeepStacks Major Occasion in Amsterdam, and Vincent Chauve taking down the Globe Poker Tour Major Occasion in Vietnam. 

If you want to preserve your reside tournament benefits private then it becomes a royal discomfort in the arse when you start out winning, for the reason that then people today like me, who have practically nothing improved to do with their time than create points like this, start out shadow boxing with the scraps.

Felix Schulze is identified an ‘unknown player’ on The Hendon Mob web-site 1 of numerous players, primarily stemming from Austria and Germany, who has instructed the reside tournament information giants to be extra library than pop concert about his poker exploits.

Then he goes and wins 3 tournaments in 1 occasion.

How do you preserve that schtum?

Schulze took down two side events at the WPTDeepStacks (WPTDS) festival in Amsterdam prior to taking his seat in the Major Occasion. Victories like these do not come along normally, so when you do win 1, you dive into the bog to slap on some lipstick prepared for the major photo.

That lipstick by no means saw a lens.

The Austrian spoke to the Tournament Director about the mishap and told him not to be concerned for the reason that he was going to win the Major Occasion, and the photographer would have his or her shot at redemption. Onto the treadmill stepped Schulze, and by the time he got off, he had certainly won the Major Occasion and bulbs crackled.

Schulze defeated 507-entrants to win the €1,200 obtain-in WPTDS Major Occasion, following coming into the final day with the chip lead, and only 15-players on which he had to drop a handful of anvils.

I would adore to inform you how the win ranks in Schulze’s profession, but that is no longer attainable.

What I can inform you is that Schulze overcame a final table that contained the Globe Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, Joey Weissman, whose outstanding run completed in third location.

Schulze started heads-up play versus Emrah Cakmak with a four:1 chip lead. Cakmak doubled after, but Schulze completed points winning a race with pocket tens versus Huge Slick.

Final Table Final results

1. Felix Schulze – €104,304
two. Emrah Cakmak – €69,525
three. Joey Weissman – €51,285
four. Micha Hoedemaker – €38,245
five. Mark Wiegerinck – €28,835
six. Enrico Camosci – €21,985
7. James Thody – €16,950
eight. Menduh Kalmaz – €13,220
9. Carlos Manuel Da Costa Dias – €10,430

3 other stars who rang the final table doorbell but got no answer have been Grosvenor Poker Pro Andy Hils (17th), WSOP bracelet winner Marcel Vonk (23rd) and the two-time Unibet Open winner, Mateusz Moolhuizen (46th).

Vincent Chauve Wins WPT Vietnam

It is not only Felix Schulze that is playing hide and seek this week: WPT Vietnam has also performed a mighty fine job of hiding from public view.

WPT Vietnam ran from March 14 to 24 operating 15-events from the Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City, but unless I am blind (I am going deaf), the WPT appear to have deliberately wiped this 1 off the radar with no sign of the benefits on the web-site or social media.

Thank goodness for SoMuchPoker who inform us that a Thai primarily based Frenchman known as Vincent Chauve beat 686-entrants to win the biggest-ever prize pool in Vietnamese poker history ($1,815,000), beating the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam Kickoff that took location at the turn of the year.

It is the second tournament that Chauve has competed in exactly where he has been the final particular person with a butt cheek on a critical seat. 3 years ago, Chauve won a 24-entrant $220 side occasion at APT Cambodia, so 1 suspects his newest haul was very a major deal.

Do not be concerned Vincent, I have your back.

Or would you rather I looked the other way?

Final Table Final results

1. Vincent Chauve – $99,28
two. Jeonggyu Cho – $79,653
three. Tuan Pro – $78,576
four. Jin Yong – $39,607
five. Thien Phu – $30,284
six. Kwok Chun Yip – $24,169