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Libratus, the AI that beat the pros heads-up, is now going to be simulating war games for the US military.

The Pros playing vs Libratus in 2017

You may possibly recall in 2017 the historic moment when Libratus, an Artifical Intelligence (AI) laptop, beat a group of the world’s greatest players heads-up. 

Whilst not wonderful news for the game itself, as this writer pondered at the time, it was going to have a a lot larger effect on society as a complete, due to the fact it was an instance of a laptop building ‘General Intelligence’. It was regarded as a landmark due to the fact, in contrast to chess, there are so quite a few unknown variables in poker that it demands a lot additional reflexive considering. 

That prediction appears to have come into fruition as this month Wired reported that the tech made use of to energy Libratus is getting made use of by the US military at the Pentagon. 

From poker to war games

Libratus Poker creator Tuomas Sandholm
Tuomas Sandholm

They reported that a commence-up founded by Tuomas Sandholm (the Carnegie Mellon Professor behind Libratus) has recieved $10 million from a Pentagon agency named the Defense Innovation Unit. 

It is speculated that Libratus will be made use of to simulate ‘war game’ scenarios as portion of the Pentagon’s tactic organizing. 

Russia and China are also amongst the nations that have explored AI as portion of their military tactic, with Russian Preident Vladimir Putin when saying AI “will grow to be the ruler of the planet.”  

Sandholm, who has a second AI startup that appears at commerical settings like electricty markets and video games, thinks AI will in truth make the planet a safer spot. 

If you are interested in the science behind Libratus, Sandholm lately did a longform interview on the subject:

Are you worried about the effect of AI on the planet (and poker)? Let us know in the comments:

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