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Primarily based on the accurate story of six MIT students, "21" is a film about a group of MIT students who, below the tutelage of 1 of their professors, find out how to count cards and take their abilities to Vegas to win a big sum of funds at blackjack at the a variety of casinos there. Despite the fact that counting cards is not technically illegal, the casinos frown heavily upon it. The story requires location just before the improvement of facial recognition application (exactly where the casinos can catch cheaters simpler with the use of cameras and computer systems), so catching card counters was a lot much more tough, and then the punishments had been much more serious.

"21" stars Jim Sturgess ("Across the Universe") as Ben Campell. Ben is a genius MIT student who is cruising his way towards graduation. He has been accepted into the prestigious Harvard Healthcare College, but Ben does not have the finances to attend. His only shot at generating it there is to win the single complete-ride scholarship offered out by Harvard, but as the Harvard representative explains to him, Ben would will need to wow Harvard to win it. Searching at Ben's previous, he is worried that he does not have something that would qualify as a "wow" issue.

1 evening, Ben gets invited to join a secret group of students practicing their abilities at card counting below the teaching of Professor Rosa (Kevin Spacey – "American Beauty"). Despite the fact that hesitant at 1st to join, the supply of Healthcare College tuition keeps Ben about. The group goes to Vegas and wins huge in their 1st couple attempts.

The ecstasy of victory only lasts so lengthy, nevertheless, as a quantity of issues arise. In-group fighting, losing a distinction among what's actual and what's pretending, and the threat of having caught are just a handful of of the issues that Professor Rosa's crew has to face in Vegas, and it ever overwhelms the group, threatening to break them apart . Ben need to determine what in his life is the most crucial.

"21" also stars Laurence Fishburne ("The Matrix") as Cole Williams, a casino consultant who has lost his prior job to card counters and vows to catch this newest group just before they take every thing from his new job.

"21" hits the mark on every thing it attempted to achieve. It showed each the highs and lows gambling can trigger. In Vegas, you can be whomever you want and no 1 desires or desires to know any diverse. At the very same point, the price of obsession (in this case winning and earning big amounts of funds) can develop into also terrific. Friendships can be ruined, careers can be place off track, and the crucial points in life can be lost in the approach.

The cinematography in "21" is spectacular. As Ben starts to find out and practice card counting, the camera slows down the motion of the cards becoming dealt in order for Ben to clarify how card counting functions. The program the group develops guarantees important words and hand signals. Each time Ben would hear 1 of these words, Ben would flash back to his practice working with flash cards to try to remember what the words meant. Each time he would see 1 of the hand movements, the camera would slow down to show how Ben's thoughts talked and reacted to the signals.

General, "21" is a excellent film. It tells the story of what can come about when a group of men and women let themselves to profit from their intelligence and have a terrific time when undertaking it. "21" tends to make the viewer want to dream huge themselves and strive for some thing out of the ordinary.

Grade: A-