The Prime Lotto method restricts probable lotto combinations with a basic probability primarily based model. The guidelines are loosely implemented to incorporate in each and every six ball line:

  • two primes
  • 1 non prime odd
  • three even numbers

Prime numbers are a fantastic way to restrict numbers applying a set primarily based method. We know that more than time three odds and three evens will be chosen. Similarly, there are 12 primes involving 1 and 40 so on typical two primes in just about every six ball line will be in the winning line.

Replicating The Prime Model In Even Numbers

Is there a way to mirror the prime quantity restrictions in hunting at the even numbers? There are no prime even numbers except for two, so we will need to appear at other strategies to lower the even numbers in our combinations. Right here are two examples.

1. Numbers divisible by 4

Clearly, all even digits are divisible by two, but fewer can be divided by four. Right here's the list:


Not surprising, the list includes half the even digits involving 1 and 40. Working with our set criteria, it implies on typical half of the even numbers in the prime method will be divisible by 4. This creates a slight situation in that 50% of three even numbers is 1.five.

In lotto predictions we will need to use a small leeway, so we'll just make the figure two.

So, we can now state: the prime lotto method ought to include up to two even numbers divisible by 4.

two. Restricting the worth of the very first even quantity.

If there are three even numbers in the prime method, we can use that facts to predict the worth of the very first digit. The are 20 even numbers involving 1 and 40, so probability tells us that more than time the very first even ball ought to fall involving 1 and 12.

Combining the two new concepts may possibly lead to the following approach:

There ought to be two even numbers divisible by 4 and the very first even quantity ought to be much less than or equal to 12.

Working with A SQL Query To Implement The New Guidelines

After you've determined some new guidelines, you may possibly now will need to query prime method combinations to see how they may possibly lower your quantity pool.

To function out if a quantity is divisible equally by an additional we can use the% character. This is not a percentage sign but a particular code made use of by the SQL language.

So, assuming the even numbers in your database are n4, n5, n6 your query would be anything like this to make certain the very first two even numbers have been divisible by four.

n4% four = and n5% four =

When I ran that statement via my SQL generator it returned 142,560 records.

To make certain the very first even quantity is much less or equal to 12 is effortless:

n4 <= 12

This SQL query returned 359,370 records, not a excellent outcome! But appear what occurs when we combine the inquiries:

n4 <= 12 and n4% four = and n5% four =

This time the returned combinations have been 100,980.


This short article has discussed concepts for limiting the even numbers in the Prime Lotto method. By means of some frequent sense methods and a compact quantity of SQL information, it is probable to lower your lot quantity pool and improve your winning probabilities.