$100 in, $0 out, 5 consecutive tickets

I hate life. $30k a year soul sucking corporate job. Limited upward mobility. No chance of getting anywhere in life. Hoped to at least hit a small loser. Like maybe one $30 winner. This is fucking garbage. Fuck the AZ lottery.

Edit: I was in a very bad mood last night. Sorry I seem so bitter. Just got off a 12 hour shift, realized my housing situation is in jeopardy. Checked online to see if I qualify for a house and I don’t. I thought landing a corporate gig, mandatory overtime, I’d have some chance of buying a house. Nope. I had $100 cash and felt lucky I guess. Assumed the worst would be a loss but maybe $70, no way all tickets are losers. Welp. There’s that.

Also submitted a formal complaint to the state lottery….I’m probably not the first.

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